Giving Options

Building resilient communities, one gift at a time.

However you choose to give, know that your gift to Lost & Found makes a difference in the lives of students.

With support from a variety of donors, Lost & Found can focus on providing free, accessible services to the students in our care. We are committed to providing our donors with opportunities to leave lasting impacts on students in South Dakota and around the country.

So, what kind of impact do you want to create?

Check out our giving options below to see how you can leave your mark on the students we serve. When you’re ready to take action, simply click the “Donate” or “Contact Us” buttons on this page. Thanks to you, we can build resilient communities, one student at a time!

The Lost & Found Association is a 501c3, tax-exempt organization (EIN: 45-4306370). No gifts or services are provided in exchange for charitable donations.

FOUNDers Club

Lost & Found has been driven by the vision of leaders who recognized that campus mental health can change for the better when you bring students, administrators, and community leaders to the table. When collaboration occurs in community, life-changing work is possible.

What makes this collaboration and impact possible?

The support of fellow visionaries: our FOUNDers.

When you give between $10 and $30 per month and designate your donation to the FOUNDers Club, you are not just supporting Lost & Found financially. You are:

  • Investing in staff who provide daily support to chapter leaders and advisory boards.
  • Joining a network of like-minded donors providing early-stage support of our mission.
  • Creating opportunities for student leaders to learn and grow in leadership and wellbeing.
  • Providing the runway for campus communities to learn, adapt, and celebrate resilience.

FOUNDers Club members receive monthly emails from Lost & Found with chapter updates, tips for improving personal resilience, and unique opportunities to connect with each other and with our team. And, because we love birthdays, you’ll receive a thank you gift each year!

Support visionary, collaborative leadership. Become a FOUNDer today.

Individual Giving

With the support of individuals giving over $500 per year, Lost & Found is able to sustain its impact on college campuses in South Dakota and expand its focus on resilience to other campuses throughout the country. Simply giving $500 each year means 5 students each year will be reached by Lost & Found resilience education or training programs.

5 students. 5 stories to share. 5 people impacting countless lives. And that’s the beginning!

Your gift to Lost & Found can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a campus, launch student efforts at a school you designate, and create opportunities for ground-breaking research. Learn more on our donation page about the impact your gift can have, or contact us to learn more about the countless ways your gift can create real, large-scale impact on campus. You can also learn more from our team about other, non-cash giving options.

Give online today, or contact the Lost & Found team for more information about your planned giving options. We are ready to help you create meaningful impact with your gifts.

Leave a lasting impact on students by planning your gift today.

Business & Workplace Giving

Thanks to the support of businesses and their employees, Lost & Found is able to meet its mission of connecting students with the tools and community to develop lifelong resilience. We offer opportunities for your business to share its gifts with Lost & Found through:

  • Match Programs: Lost & Found can leverage your contribution to exponentially increase the impact of your business’ gift to reach more students and communities.
  • Sponsorship: Lost & Found and its chapters lead or participate in several community events throughout the year to promote awareness of student needs to large audiences.
  • Payroll Giving: Whether you are seeking to start a payroll giving program in your company or are simply looking to connect with your donor-advised fund (DAF), Lost & Found can help you with the process of giving through payroll options.

Our campus programming and research thrives on the support of the businesses and employees of our communities. We’re ready to help you channel your gifts into impact.

Contact us to impact the lives of students through your workplace.


In-Kind, Amazon, & Facebook Giving

Throughout the year, Lost & Found and its chapters will host countless seminars, team meetings, community events, and training sessions. Often, these events also mean we feed an army, send a truckload of mail, or need meeting space to fit a crowd. These things may seem common, but in-kind gifts (donated goods, services, or time) can make the difference!

Want to support the everyday operations of Lost & Found? Consider a few options:

  • In-Kind Giving: You can share your goods, services, or time with Lost & Found in a variety of ways. Contact our team to learn about specific needs for each campus chapter and the Association, or check out our Volunteer page to learn about ways you can share your time.
  • Amazon Smile Donations: Lost & Found is a participating nonprofit in Amazon’s giving program, which donates a portion of all sales to designated nonprofits. Go to Amazon Smile and designate The Lost & Found Association as the charity receiving your donations. To create this impact, bookmark and continue to shop at Amazon Smile!
  • Facebook Donations: Lost & Found is a participating nonprofit on Facebook’s Donation platform. Go to the Facebook Fundraisers page to raise money for Lost & Found, and our organization will receive 100% of the proceeds. The best part: we’ll match your giving!

Common actions produce extraordinary results. Leave your mark today!

Share your gift with Lost & Found today, or learn more about how your gift creates impact.