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This #BIPOCMentalHealthMonth, ask yourself: how can I elevate the voices of those who need it most? Equip yourself to speak for the voiceless.⠀

How are you speaking up today? 🔊⠀

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This week’s #mindfulminute 🤔💭from @resilienttoday:⠀
Take a deep breath in and count to 5. Breathe it all out. Repeat 3x.⠀

This week, month, and year have presented challenges few thought possible. Nothing may have prepared you for the constant uncertainty, the unthinkable hatred acted out in our communities, the isolation of going virtual, & the question of “when will this get better”?⠀

Today, when those overwhelming thoughts or feelings try to take hold of your day, embrace the fact that you are not in this alone. We’re all in this together.⠀

When you are in this with those you love, those in your life, you can love a little harder. Seek help a little more. Offer comfort. Listen. Reflect. Care for yourself. We know these times are difficult, but in community, you can be more.⠀

Like this #mindfulminute? Let us know in the comments and follow @resilienttoday for more! Have a mindful day. 🌞⠀

#resilience #mentalhealth #wellness #selfcare #bipocmentalhealthmonth

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Want to get a jumpstart on your mental health today? 🧠 ⠀

Think about 4 things:⠀

1) Ways to connect, in-person or virtually, with people who give you joy.⠀

2) What gives you meaning. There’s nothing more important than having purpose, energy, and drive!⠀

3) Physical and spiritual wellness, in whatever forms you are most comfortable with.⠀

4) Thinking in healthy ways by staying positive and reframing negative thoughts to positive ones.⠀

Focusing on these four areas of mental health will boost your resilience for the days ahead. Want to find more ways to be resilient? Check out the link in our bio.⬆️⬆️ ⠀

#mentalhealth #resilience #wellbeing #selfcare

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🇺🇸 Stay safe while celebrating our country! Let's keep working together to create a more perfect union. Learn more about how we're working to create a better world every day at ...

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July is #BIPOCMentalHealthMonth. BIPOC communities are resilient and have worked to uplift their communities despite systemic barriers and #impactoftrauma. We'll be sharing how why BIPOC are disproportionately affected, the history of BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month, and the Do's & Don'ts of being an ally. #BIPOCmentalhealthmonth #BIPOCMentalHealthAwarenessMonth #BIPOCmhm #resilience101 #YouBelong

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🛑Stop scrolling and take a moment to breathe.🛑

It's a new month. What are you hopes and goals for the upcoming month? Whatever they are, read through this week's #MindfulMinute and remind yourself how incredible you are!

"I embrace my full potential, even if it makes others feel uncomfortable. I refuse to play small. I’m meant to do big things."

#MindfulMinuteLF #MinorityHealthAwarenessMonth #WeAreHere

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🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧Pride isn't just one month per year. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍ ⚧

Whether you're an ally or a member of the LGBTQ+ community always remember that YOU BELONG and we're here for you not only during #PrideMonth but also year-round. Try these ten things to become a better supporter:

1. Proclaim your preferred pronouns.
2. Attend an event.
3. Learn to be a better ally.
4. Pledge to remove harmful language from your vocabulary.
5. Support your local LGBTQ+ owned businesses.
6. Follow LGBTQ+ activists and influencers on social media.
7. Donate or volunteer.
8. Listen to more LGBTQ+ voices.
9. Understand the history and significance of the Stonewall Riots.
10. Speak up.

Credit: Inc.

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Take a midday break for this week's #mindfulminute

Be the you you've always been. PROUDLY!

YOU BELONG and we're here for you not only during #PrideMonth but also year-round.

#YouBelong #PrideMonth #LGBTQ #Resilient #WeAreHere

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