No matter where life takes you, you will always be connected to Lost & Found. Join the alumni network today for opportunities to connect with fellow alumni, students, and ways to stay involved!


From The Lost & Found Association, we are thankful to count you among our alumni at the University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University, and Dakota State University. You are the first generation of students who believed in our mission of helping students find the tools and community for lifelong resilience.

Today, we ask you to fill out a brief, 3-minute survey to help L&F connect alumni with new ways to get involved and connect with each other!

Our team is gathering information in the effort to provide L&F alumni with opportunities to get more involved with L&F as we grow, share your stories, and most importantly, connect with one another and with our student leaders throughout the northern Plains. This information will be used solely for any purposes you designate below and will not be shared with our partner organizations. In the future, we will reach out to you for any changes in contact information or preferences.

I encourage you, as a fellow alum, to fill out this brief survey so we can best connect you with the opportunities, people, and hope you found when you joined the Lost & Found community on your campus! If there is anything we can do to be of support to you as the first student leaders in our organization, please let me know.

Erik Muckey
CEO, The Lost & Found Association 

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