Meet our Chapters

The Lost and Found Association is proud to have campus chapters at both The University of South Dakota and South Dakota State UniversityThrough campus chapters, student leaders help their peers realize their potential, especially when facing stress, depression, or suicidal thoughts. As a chapter, student leaders work together with campus and community advisers to help peers develop resilience and create communities that prioritize resilience for mind and body.

Both chapters focus on developing resilience for self through a series of 5 modules, ranging from a review individual strengths and development (DISC Assessment) to a session learning how to regulate emotional well-being (Mindful Resilience). Once a student completes four of the five modules, they are recognized as chapter members and may take on leadership roles, receive mentorship from community and campus leaders, and receive some sweet L&F gear (graduation cords, anyone?).

Most importantly, chapters provide a genuine, committed community that is often hard to find on a college campus. L&F provides you with the skills you need to build lifelong resilience, but more importantly, chapters provide a place for you to find the ultimate tool: the power of community.

University of South Dakota

At University of South Dakota, students interested in joining L&F can meet with chapter members individually and during once monthly meetings. Meetings rotate between activity-based or conversation-based gatherings. You can meet members of the USD L&F chapter during the fall student organization fair or message us through our Facebook page if you are interested in joining.

Our primary event at USD during the fall is Nikki’s Run, which raises awareness of campus mental health and suicide prevention programs in honor of community member Nicole Vallie Harris. In 2017, the event was featured as a glow run, and the chapter was able to reach a large amount of the student population and the greater Vermillion community. Throughout the year, the USD L&F chapter hosts a variety of fun events and discussions that place an emphasis on what it means to be resilient.

“If someone who comes up to us isn’t a member, we’re able to let them know that we are here. We promote ourselves through our activities so that they know that we’re here and there are other students who understand what they’re going through.”
Ramzie, USD Chapter President

South Dakota State University

At South Dakota State University, L&F chapter members meet once per month and when needed on an individual basis. If you are interested in joining the chapter, you can reach out via Facebook message, come to a meeting, or find members at the fall and spring club fairs in the VBR (Volstorff Ballroom).

Our primary event at SDSU is a 5K held in the spring in partnership with the Helpline Center. The event brings both students and the community to run or walk together. After the 5K, the chapter hosts a remembrance ceremony, playing music and reading off the names of people who’ve been affected by suicide so they’re remembered. Throughout the year, SDSU Lost & Found also hosts a variety of awareness events, whether focusing on mental health topics or simply offering a fun getaway during finals week.

“It’s important to have a human aspect. Suicide and depression can get very heavy very fast. It’s important to keep it human. We are here to talk about this stuff but it’s not all doom and gloom all the time. Not all of our meetings are us talking about our feelings. We want to be able to show people that there are other options than what they’re thinking.”
Kayla, SDSU Chapter President

There’s Room for Resilient Growth

Our chapters focus on building resilience not only while in school but also after college. Members of our chapters are often pursuing careers in counseling or social work, but above all, our chapter members enter careers in which they know they can make a difference in the world. Chapters also work closely with college student health departments to offer support from professionals, as well.

We are always working on adding campus chapters! If you are interested in starting a Lost & Found chapter on your campus, contact us!